Fences are an important part of ranching and the cowboy way of life. When a fence is put up around a pasture, it has two purposes.

The first purpose is to keep things in. In ranching you want to keep your herd of cattle free to roam in a place where they will get the food, water and care that they need to have healthy growth.
The second purpose to to keep things out. By setting up a fence, you help protect your herd from cattle thieves, predators or the herd getting lost.

As a Jesus follower, we must have a fence in place to help us to have healthy growth and protection from the thief of the world! That fence are what we call our beliefs. Those beliefs protect us as we live out our life. Based on Biblical principles our fences look like this.

  1. The Bible is God’s Word. It’s our guide book.

  2. The God is the only One. He is the Master of all.

  3. Jesus is the Lord of all. He is the eternal one sent to us.

  4. That Man messed up and needs spiritual healing. God does not accept bad stuff in our life.

  5. Man needs Hope. God wants to live with us and make us clean on the inside.

  6. Dunkin’ to tell others we are following Jesus.

  7. The Holy Spirit is still active today! He is our help here on earth and the one that gives us power to live here.

  8. The Holy Spirit gives gifts that are spiritual signs of His place in our life.

  9. Becoming holy, like Jesus, is a process that starts the first day you ask Him into your life. But it continues until the day you die.

  10. The Church has a very special mission to complete here on Earth. Jesus lives in the body of believers and helps with reaching others.

  11. People are called to be Jesus with skin on to bring encouragement to others.

  12. God is still touching people so they can receive spiritual and physical healing.

  13. We have a Hope for the future. Jesus is alive and is returning soon.

  14. Jesus will be in charge. He will show us the way to live in the future.

  15. The Final Judgment. Everyone will have to face God the Father in the end to give an account of their life here.

  16. Jesus will create a new place for us to live.

These fences help keep us safe, healthy and protected!